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Thinking About Buying Commercial Electric Vehicle? Here’s What to Consider

Walsall-Road Legal EV
Walsall-Road Legal EV


So you’re looking to buy commercial or industrial electric vehicles for your business? Similar to purchasing fuel powered vehicles, there are several different things to consider when choosing EVs that are best for your needs.

Whether you want to invest in an electric delivery van, electric buggy, electric tow truck or electric passenger vehicle, here’s a buyer’s checklist that might come in handy.

#1. New or Secondhand?

While it might be a great idea to go for brand new commercial electric vehicles, it doesn’t hurt to check out other second-hand options. The good thing is that the second-hand electric vehicle market in the UK is going to burgeon over time. SEEVs, for instance, have several second-hand and new EV options you might want to have a look at.

When it comes to used commercial electric vehicles, however, there are a few important things to look out for, including the battery’s health, compliance paperwork, and licensing. Pay particular attention to the health of the battery because it can cost a lot to replace.

#2. Will the EV Suit your Commercial/Industrial Driving Needs?

If your crew does over 300 miles every day, an electric vehicle might not be the best transportation option. However, if you average 100 to 150 miles a day, there an EV that’ll fit your needs. The good news is that most electric vehicle models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in an industrial setting. Review our models of commercial/industrial electric vehicles to figure out which kind best suit your driving needs.

#3. What’s the After-Charge Range?

The after-charge range is what it sounds like — the distance your EV can cover after a full recharge. Most of our commercial electric vehicles come with a handy “range remaining” display which tells you the estimated distance you have before you run out of charge. This is an essential piece of equipment that can save you plenty of headaches, especially if you do a lot of haulages.

#4. Does it Have the Latest Hardware, Firmware or Software Upgrades?

Almost all new commercial electric vehicles come preinstalled with control firmware and software. Moreover, it is easy to upgrade these pieces of software. However, you might want to check if the latest updates have been applied before you make the purchase. If it is a second-hand or older model, are both hardware and software upgrades still possible?

#5. What the Charging Requirements?

Most SEEV electric vehicles come with a dedicated charging unit you can mount in your premises. To get the most out of your EV, you may also want to think about adding onboard chargers.

Call or email us for more info! Or check out our vehicles for sale http://seevs.co/sales-electric-vehicles-product-range


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